Our specialty is the finest Buffalo Calf in the world from Drish Tannery, Nalagarh, Punjab.

From Kanpur, we supply heavyweight printed buffalo leather, stitched boot uppers made from these leathers, buffalo sole leather, buffalo belt leather and buffalo upholstery leather from Saba Group.

Chennai has been our main source of supply for several decades. From the best tanneries in Chennai, we supply finished goat upper leather, goat lining leather, burnishable and glazed buffalo calf, cow and cow-calf upper and lining leathers, and hairsheep for shoe uppers.

Drish Tannery, Nalagarh, Punjab


Our liaison with Pakistani tanneries has been an enviable success story.  We have concentrated on the leathers of the finest tanneries of Pakistan: Yousaf Tanneries, Kasur for their exceptional cow, buffalo, and sheep leathers, HMB for their exquisite buffalo and cow leathers, and Leathertex for their excellent goat leathers, and Nova Tanneries for their superb sheep leathers.

These tanneries display world-class technology and professionalism, and combined with our aggressive marketing, customer relationship and efficient service, we have created the ultimate and ideal climate for our customers.

Yousaf Tannery Spraying Machine
Yousaf Tanneries, Kasur


The main products from Bangladesh are natural and dyed crust cow, and goat skins in full-chrome, semi-chrome, and full vegetable tannages.  We also supply finished cow and goat leathers from two of the best tanneries in Bangladesh.

In keeping with our high standards, all leathers shipped by us from Bangladesh come under our complete inspection and supervision.

Bangladesh inspection
Inspection of Cow Crust Leather in Bangladesh