Parpia International was incorporated in England in 1963 and moved its headquarters to Singapore in 1982.  Parpia International specializes in the sales of leather originating from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for shoes, industrial boots, handbags, small leather goods, leather garments and leather upholstery.

Our aim is to supply the finest quality leather at the best price to our customers, with high technical specifications and strict quality control, with delivery on time.

We service the most important countries for manufacturing leather shoes and products.  In other countries, we work with an exclusive representative, whose culture and service is commensurate with ours.  As part of the “Parpia Family”, the representative or branch is an extension of our hands, eyes and ears, being right on the customers’ doorstep, giving excellent on-the-spot service.

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With our vast experience, spanning several decades, having worked with most tanneries in the countries we specialize, we have found through our experience, the most reliable partners in each country, who have proven beyond doubt, their integrity, their ability, their efficiency in delivering the finest quality leather, to high specifications, with delivery on time and in the correct quality.

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Our approach has always been to actively seek out customers, rather than wait for customers to find us.  We then work towards building a lasting relationship, by understanding our customer’s precise requirements, recommending the right leathers from the best tanneries and above all, giving value for money.